Feeling Good Therapies

For Health, Happiness, Inner Peace, Transformation and Personal Development

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - All therapies, meditations and workshops are now carried out distantly (phone/email/WhatsApp) or online via Zoom.

Would you like to feel happy, healthy, energised, uplifted, abundant, loved, focussed and motivated?

Would you like to be free of frustratration, feeling fed up, anxious, stressed, tense, tired, unhappy, alone,
depressed or overwhelmed?

Would you like time out to relax and unwind completely, feeling safe, nurtured, supported and uplifted?  Creating harmony, peace and good physical, emotional and mental health?

Feeling Good Therapies have a choice of effective, healing, empowering therapies to make positive shifts in your life.  Contact us for a free mini-consultation about what will help you the most; or Book an appointment.

Feeling Good Therapies include:

  • Rejuvenation with Fountain of Youth Genetic Re-programming

  • Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) - meridian balancing, chakra balancing - for overall health, immune boost, energy levels, grounding, focus and motivation, relaxation and stress-release

  • Reiki Healing / Angelic Healing / Inner Child Healing

  • Access Bars & Energetic Facelift

  • Intuitive Sensitives and Empaths Healing and Guidance (sleep, boundaries, grounding, feeling safe, loved and wanted)

  • 12-Strand Energetic DNA Activation to raise and expand consciousness and vibration, and spiritual / psychic development

  • Animal Healing 

  • Theta DNA Healing / Relationship Healing / Past Life Healing / Genetic and Ancestral Healing / Trauma Release / Baby in the Womb Healing / Birth Trauma Release

  • Emotion Codes / Heart-Wall Healing / Addictive Heart Energy

  • Release of Negative Limiting Core Beliefs, Programs and Emotions (believed to be the underlying cause of pain, illness, disease, depression, stress, tension, heartache, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, etc, etc) - for healing and positive change on all levels and in all aspects 

(Please note: 48 hours notice is required to change your appointment, otherwise the full fee will be charged.) 
With over 20 years' experience, we use a variety of therapies and techniques to help you on in all aspects of your life, to empower you to be the best of who you are - radiant, healthy, balanced, centred, confident, successful, happy, loved.

We work worldwide via email, Zoom, WhatsApp or phone or one-to-one sessions in Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 (7 minutes from Uxbridge tube).
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